Phu Quoc with its wild beauty, stunning seascapes and fresh air, has become an ideal destination for tourists everywhere. Located on the island’s beautiful beach, Anja Beach Resort & Spa Phu Quoc is a luxurious vacation with many unique experiences. One of the unmissable experiences when staying at Anja Resort Phu Quoc is enjoying cocktails at Simbar, where you have the opportunity to discover the secret behind the wonderful flavors of the sea.

Simbar – Destination of unique flavors

Simbar at Anja Resort Phu Quoc is a luxurious and cozy space, located next to a beautiful beach. Here, you will be immersed in the quiet and relaxing atmosphere of the sea, along with exquisite and unique cocktails prepared by talented bartenders.

The secret behind the cocktails

  1. The sea in every cocktail

One of the secrets to creating the special flavor of cocktails at Simbar is the use of ingredients from the sea. The wines are carefully selected to create a unique, fresh and rich flavor. Each cocktail here carries the flavor of the sea, helping you experience the sophistication and uniqueness of local cuisine.

  1. Creativity and sophistication

Bartenders at Simbar are not just regular cocktail makers, they are also creative artists. They are always looking for ways to combine ingredients and make unique presentations to create cocktails with a beautiful and attractive appearance. Each cocktail at Simbar is not only delicious but also a creative work of art.

  1. Unique experience

When you come to Simbar at Anja Resort Phu Quoc, you will not only enjoy delicious cocktails but also experience a unique and relaxing space. You can choose to sit by the beach and sip a cocktail in the sound of blue ocean waves, or sit in the luxurious space of the bar and enjoy unique cocktails prepared right before your eyes.

Take the time to visit Simbar to discover the secret behind the delicious and unique cocktails at Anja Beach Resort & Spa Phu Quoc.

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