Scuba diving in Phu Quoc will become your unforgettable travel experience diving when exploring the beautiful, fairy-like coral reefs and playing with fish swimming freely. This place also has many extremely attractive entertainment services. The Phu Quoc coral diving tour will definitely help you open your eyes to a wonderful underwater scene. If you still don’t have much information about Phu Quoc diving tour service. The article below about the experience of diving to see Phu Quoc’s coral reefs will be able to support your travel itinerary.

experience diving in Phu Quoc
           experience diving in Phu Quoc

What is the experience diving service in Phu Quoc?

It can be said that the rich nature on the pearl island is what guests are interested in when coming here. But that is only part of the natural picture on the shore. Under the sea there is also an extremely rich and magical aquatic world. Nature has given Phu Quoc a vivid “watercolor painting” under the ocean. Scuba diving services in Phu Quoc were also born from there and served that discovery.

Coming to Phu Quoc diving tours, visitors will be provided with all the necessary equipment for a complete ocean “hunting” trip. Depending on the different type of scuba diving, visitors can dive at different depths. In general, scuba diving service on Phu Quoc island is a unique and attractive fun activity, chosen and highly appreciated by many tourists when traveling here.

Reasons to scuba dive to see Phu Quoc coral?

Scuba diving to see coral is a popular service at island tourist destinations. However, diving to see coral in Phu Quoc is considered the most interesting experience because Ngoc Island possesses rare unique advantages such as:

Phu Quoc coral mats are among the most beautiful in Vietnam

Phu Quoc is blessed by nature with the most beautiful coral reefs in Vietnam with an area of up to 480 hectares, including more than 360 species of hard coral and dozens of soft coral species living together.

At the same time, along with attractive colorful coral reefs, the scuba diving experience also brings you to other marine species. That is about 172 species of fish with 31 families and 71 different breeds growing in the ocean. Additionally, you will find molluscs and seaweed. All of these wonderful creatures have created a more attractive natural scene than ever before under the sea.

There are many ideal diving locations

Possessing an endless coastline with cool blue water, Phu Quoc island is the ideal choice for an exciting scuba diving trip. In Phu Quoc there are many diverse diving locations, each area has its own terrain and characteristics.

The southern island has Hon Mot, Hon Thom, Hon May Rut, Hon Dam Ngoai… poetic and lyrical. In the north of the island there are Hon Doi Moi, Hon Mong Tay, Hon Roi… wild and majestic. In addition, the island also has the Ganh Dau area, which is known for its large amount of intact living coral.

The most popular forms of diving in Phu Quoc today

In Phu Quoc, there are many different forms of scuba diving to see coral, below are the 3 most popular types that you can refer to:

Snorkeling is the most popular type of scuba diving on Pearl Island. When choosing this form, visitors will be provided with full diving equipment by the tour organizer including: diving goggles, life jackets and underwater snorkel. You just need to equip these tools and dive into the water to admire the sparkling colorful coral reefs under the sea.

This type of scuba diving has the advantage of being relatively cheap and quite safe. However, visitors can only dive near the shore, so they will be limited in the amount of coral they can experience.

Scuba diving to see coral with scuba diving is limited to about 30 minutes and does not dive below 5m deep. Visitors who choose this service will be able to use oxygen tanks and specialized diving gear. Therefore, you do not need to hold your breath and can comfortably swim without worrying about being injured when accidentally colliding with sharp coral reefs and mussel rocks.

Walking under the sea in Phu Quoc is a new type of scuba diving and has a quite expensive price. However, the money you spend is well worth what you will experience.

With this form of scuba diving, visitors can freely walk on the seabed, admiring coral reefs and schools of colorful fish swimming at close range. Whether tourists know how to swim or not, they can experience this service, ensuring you will have impressive and memorable moments.

Many interesting Phu Quoc diving tours

Scuba diving is a water sport activity that is very popular with young people when coming to Phu Quoc. Grasping this psychology, many travel companies in Phu Quoc offer diving and fishing tours with interesting program designs.

When participating in these tours, visitors can not only experience and explore the magical underwater world of coral, but also see fishing villages, pearl production places and enjoy many attractive specialties. In particular, the ticket prices for scuba diving tours in Phu Quoc are not expensive, giving you a diverse and economical experience.

Experience and notes when participating in scuba diving to see coral in Phu Quoc

Where to rest when diving in Phu Quoc?

Scuba diving to see coral can be done in many places on Phu Quoc island. These places are close to the shore so there are many places to stay for tourists to choose from. Among them, the 4-star resort Anja Beach Resort & Spa Phu Quoc is a prominent name with international class, complete amenities and quality services, promising to bring you a perfect vacation.

Scuba diving in Phu Quoc is a wonderful experience that visitors should not miss when coming to Ngoc Island. Take advantage of the experiences of scuba diving to see coral in Phu Quoc that the article shared above will help you have the most memorable trip. In particular, choosing a good accommodation with quality diving services will help your experience become more perfect and complete.

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