To welcome a new spring, there’s nothing better than planning a trip to Phu Quoc, the beautiful pearl island of Vietnam. Phu Quoc in January is the most beautiful season of the year, the weather is mild and pleasant, very suitable for a spring trip at the beginning of the new year. Let’s explore the reasons that make Phu Quoc the ideal destination to start the new year with joy and freshness.
Ideal time to go to Phu Quoc
Located in Kien Giang province, located in the Gulf of Thailand, Phu Quoc island has long been famous for tourists from all over the country and international tourists. Not only is it a beautiful island with peaceful nature, if you choose the right time with a favorable climate, Phu Quoc will be an ideal destination for many interesting activities.
Because it is a coastal tourist destination, when coming to Phu Quoc, tourists should choose months with little or no rain so they do not have to spend all day staying at the hotel. The dry season on Pearl Island starts from the end of October until April of the following year, so it is very suitable for a trip to Phu Quoc at the beginning of the year. During these months, the highest temperature will be about 35 degrees Celsius. With weather like this, no matter what tourists choose to relax and explore, it is suitable.
Experience local culture
Phu Quoc not only has the sea but is also a place to preserve the unique culture of coastal people. You can visit a traditional fishing village, learn about the process of making famous Phu Quoc fish sauce, or enjoy fresh seafood dishes at local eateries.
Visitors can check-in to Ham Ninh fishing village in the early morning dawn and even on full moon nights with windy sea breezes. At the same time, explore the fishing village life of the people here and hear extremely authentic sailing stories. Phu Quoc’s specialty is crab, and Ham Ninh crab has even more delicious meat. Enjoying a crab feast with the scent of the Ngoc Island sea breeze will be a great suggestion for your trip to Phu Quoc at the beginning of the year.
Spring in Phu Quoc is even more special with colorful festivals, reflecting the traditions and culture of local people. Tourists should not miss the opportunity to participate in street festivals, which feature music performances, lion dances, and many other interesting cultural activities.
Suggested some destinations not to miss when traveling to Phu Quoc at the beginning of the year
Visit Phu Quoc pepper garden
Phu Quoc pepper kingdom with its famous sweet pepper specialty has pepper season falling around November – February of the lunar calendar. Therefore, if you choose to explore the pepper garden or buy sweet pepper during this time, you will buy delicious pepper and harvest sparkling photos.
Phu Quoc’s sweet pepper specialty uses the main ingredients of Phu Quoc pepper and fish sauce, creating a specialty style. It is Phu Quoc’s fish sauce that creates the extremely unique aroma of the jar of Phu Quoc sugar-sweetened pepper.
Explore Bai Sao
A destination not to be missed on a trip to Phu Quoc at the beginning of the new year is Bai Sao. Possessing a 7km long sandy beach, it has a very unique beauty: pure white, soft sand curving in an arc shape. In particular, the sea here is very calm even in the rainy season, the clear and blue sea water is extremely poetic. The sea water at Bai Sao is not too deep and has a wide beach so it is relatively safe even for families with young children traveling to Phu Quoc.
Bombing Phu Quoc night market
To enjoy the closest local cuisine at affordable prices, Dat Viet Tour suggests people come to Phu Quoc night markets, freely load up on seafood, and fill their hungry stomachs. Here you can freely enjoy delicious snacks, seafood dishes, famous Phu Quoc specialties, shop for gifts, local products… at extremely affordable prices.

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