Phu Quoc, a beach resort paradise, is an ideal destination for couples who want to experience a sweet and romantic vacation. Anja Beach Resort & Spa Phu Quoc, with its prime location and classy service, is the perfect choice for your love journey. Below are 99 tips to help make your trip unforgettable.

Good tips when traveling to Phu Quoc for couples

To have a perfect trip to Phu Quoc for a couple together, you two should have a clear plan and note the following:

In addition to the factors listed above, consulting and finding convenient hotel accommodations for your trip is also essential. Anja Beach Resort & Spa Phu Quoc has a prime location, convenient transportation, and above all, it is quite close to Phu Quoc tourist destinations for couples, which will be the perfect suggestion you should not miss.

Staying at Anja Phu Quoc, visitors will experience a system of luxurious rooms, fully equipped with 4* standard service. Using internal amenities such as: luxurious restaurant system from Asia to Europe, relaxing at the spa, gym, 4-season internal swimming pool, private beach, beautiful room view,… will definitely won’t disappoint you.

Where should couples go when traveling to Phu Quoc?

Check out the suggested Phu Quoc tourist destinations for couples in advance below. Surely you and your partner will have beautiful photos as souvenirs after that trip!

  1. Grand World Phu Quoc – Impressive dating place

Grand World Phu Quoc festival city is also an attractive destination not to be missed for many couples on their trip to the pearl island. This is known as Phu Quoc’s top entertainment, shopping, bar, club, and show center with bustling commercial streets, vibrant festivals, and endless energetic festival space taking place throughout the year. throughout all days of the year.

Dating with your loved one at Grand World Phu Quoc, visitors can check-in and save memories at:

  1. Sweet sunset at Dinh Cau Phu Quoc

After more than 100 years, Dinh Cau has always been a spiritual stop that displays the culture and beliefs of the people of Phu Quoc. From a simple temple on a bumpy rocky beach, Dinh Cau has now been renovated to be bigger and more beautiful with many cool “virtual living” corners for young people. Especially couples.

November to March next year or 3 summer months is the most appropriate time to participate in Phu Quoc autumn tourism promotion and visit Dinh Cau. In early autumn, the weather here is still cool and pleasant, with no storms yet. If you come here with your loved one, don’t miss the two golden times of the day: sunrise and sunset at Dinh Cau. The romantic seascape combined with the brilliant sunlight at the beginning and end of the day combined with the quiet, sacred atmosphere here truly captivates people’s hearts.

  1. Travel to Phu Quoc for couples at Bai Sao

Bai Sao Phu Quoc is known as one of the most beautiful beaches on the pearl island today. The special feature of this beach is that it has very smooth waves, clear sea water, and very fresh air. This is an extremely suitable place for couples to go on dates, have fun together, swim, organize outdoor barbecues or simply walk by the beach to watch the sunset and enjoy the beautiful scenery and atmosphere here.

  1. An Thoi Islands – Phu Quoc tourist destination for SUPER HOT couples

An Thoi Phu Quoc archipelago owns up to 15 islands of different sizes. This location is the most famous trade, economic and tourist center in Phu Quoc today. There are many attractive experiences for couples here that you can refer to such as: taking the cable car to admire the beautiful scenery of large and small islands, scuba diving to see coral, catching squid yourself and processing it on the spot. , visit An Thoi market to enjoy all the delicious local specialties and especially don’t miss An Thoi station – where there are beautiful frames for you and your partner.

What to eat for couples in Phu Quoc

Phu Quoc cuisine is very diverse with many famous specialties. Besides the luxurious restaurants, the rustic dishes on the island also create their own charm that is worth trying for couples when coming here.

Travel to explore cuisine with your loved ones in Phu Quoc with specialties such as: Sea cucumber, crab rice, vermicelli, grilled abalone, herring salad, shrimp…

Travel to Phu Quoc for a romantic, private, super sweet couple with exciting fun experiences, enjoy unique cuisine and save memorable memories together. Hopefully the travel tips suggested in the article above will help you and your loved one have the most complete trip.

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