Phu Quoc is entering its most beautiful season with cool, pleasant weather, ready to welcome a jubilant tourist season with happy colors.

Phu Quoc pearl island – Tropical paradise

Phu Quoc is an island located in the Gulf of Thailand, in the sub-equatorial tropical monsoon region. The island is surrounded by sea on all four sides, so its climate is different from other islands in our country. Not only that, nature also especially favors beautiful scenery with blue sea and white sand all year round.

Travel to Phu Quoc at the time of changing seasons

Season change is the most ideal time to explore Phu Quoc. At this time, the weather conditions are extremely favorable for all sightseeing and experience activities. Whether relaxing in a resort or having a picnic on the beach, it is extremely “favorable weather, favorable location, and harmonious people”.

Because it is the beginning and end of the rainy season, the rainfall will not be too heavy or heavy. Your movement and entertainment don’t have to be affected much.

Early April or October also often has low visitor density. Visitors will comfortably admire the scenery and enjoy services without worrying about crowding or waiting.

Climate: At this time, the pearl island is often cool and pleasant. You will enjoy cool, pleasant breezes. If you wonder which season Phu Quoc beach is most beautiful, this is the right time.

Choose Anja Beach Resort & Spa as your destination

Stretching along the coastline with its own garden – Anja Resort Phu Quoc is one of the beautiful resorts in Phu Quoc and is a favorite destination of many domestic and foreign tourists.

Enjoying the unique beauty of nature along with different types of villas such as duplexes in the garden, facing the sea, will bring you different experiences. All rooms and villas at Anja Beach Resort & Spa Phu Quoc are equipped with luxurious, modern and classic interiors of the Island. Promising to bring visitors peace of mind about 4-star service quality.

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