Phu Quoc – a beautiful island located southwest of Vietnam, famous for its beautiful natural landscape, smooth white beaches and diverse ecosystem. However, beneath this outstanding beauty, there are many interesting things and secrets waiting to be discovered. Let’s explore Phu Quoc’s “Pearl Island” with Anja Beach Resort from a new perspective in this article.

Diverse flora and fauna

Phu Quoc is not only famous for its beautiful beaches, but also has a rich flora and fauna. This is where Phu Quoc National Park is located, where you can find many rare animals such as Phu Quoc black squirrels, red-headed geckos, and many species of fish and sea turtles.

This is also the perfect destination for those who love water sports and want to explore the beautiful seabed. Da Ngoc Trai (Hon Xuong) is not only famous for its beautiful beach but is also home to many diverse coral species and marine fish species. Underwater, you can find many different life forms, from soft corals to hard corals and even colorful fish species.

Feel the local life

A new way to experience Phu Quoc is to explore the lives of local people. You can participate in rural tours, where you will visit fruit orchards, honey bee farms, and agricultural processing factories. This is a great opportunity to learn about the culture and life of the islanders.

Immerse yourself in nature at Phu Quoc’s thatched stream

Coming to Tranh stream, visitors can freely walk on narrow trails, underfoot are soft vegetation, on both sides of the road are fragrant flowers and strange grass, butterflies fluttering, the air is extremely clear. healthy. If you are tired, you can sit and rest on the moss-covered rocks, under the cool foliage, listening to the gurgling stream and chirping birds. A very peaceful and poetic scene.

Phu Quoc is not only a beautiful beach destination but also an island with many secrets and unique experiences waiting for visitors to explore. If you want to learn about local culture, enjoy unique cuisine, and explore wild nature, Phu Quoc is definitely an interesting destination from a new perspective.

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