Phu Quoc is not only known as the “Pearl Island” with breathtakingly beautiful scenery. This place was once a living hell for revolutionary soldiers and innocent Vietnamese people. The war is over but the loss and pain are still there. Phu Quoc Prison is considered a living witness of war memories during the resistance period. The Phu Quoc prison travel experiences below will answer all your questions about this special historical site. Let’s find out more!

Where is Phu Quoc Prison?

After occupying Phu Quoc in 1946, the French colonialists decided to choose this island to build the largest war prison in Southeast Asia. By 1953, the prison was formed with an area of about 40 hectares with 4 solitary confinement camps A, B, C, D. Phu Quoc Prison is currently located at 350, Nguyen Van Cu Street, An Thoi commune, Phu Quoc island district of Kien Giang province.

Perhaps when arriving here, tourists are curious about wartime stories and brutal crimes that people often talk about during the French, American and Puppet colonial periods. Stories that are faithfully recreated will be the clearest proof of the cruelty and ferocity of war.

Historical significance of Phu Quoc prison?

If the places to visit and have fun in Phu Quoc show us the prosperity and appeal of this island, Phu Quoc prison shows a painful silence. This place has saved the heinous crimes of American imperialism and French colonialism. They do not hesitate to use barbaric methods to torture and destroy the soldiers’ will to fight.

Every corner of the prison, every story of a soldier demonstrates the resilient, indomitable and heroic fighting spirit of our nation. Visiting Phu Quoc prison, we can see the severity of war as well as better understand the nation’s history.

Experiences not to be missed at Phu Quoc prison relics

  1. See with your own eyes the torture scene in section B2

This is the location where the brutal torture scenes of the prison were recreated and realistically recreated. Telling wartime stories with effigies of prisoners and soldiers will make visitors feel most clearly the cruel reality of the struggle for independence of our army and people in the past.

  1. Visit the solitary confinement and torture room at the prison in Phu Quoc

The prison solitary confinement room in Phu Quoc is the most haunted place for many revolutionary soldiers. Because it was here that the colonial empire used cruel forms of torture on our people’s soldiers.

  1. Learn about the types of torture of the US imperialists in Phu Quoc prison

Some of the corporal punishments in Phu Quoc prison that former prisoners have recounted include: Barbed wire tiger cages; Crucifixion to torture the will of prisoners of war, soldiers will nail 3-inch or 7-inch nails on body parts such as hands, knees, neck…; chisel teeth and break teeth with a hammer; oil pan;… There are many other brutal torture methods that Cay Dua prison has recreated in an extremely realistic way.

  1. Visit the Phu Quoc prison memorial

After the journey to find painful memories through prison models, visitors should not forget to visit the martyrs memorial in Phu Quoc prison. This is the resting place of more than 500 revolutionary soldiers who died. The overall memorial is built in a circular frame, in the center is the image of a soldier.

Phu Quoc Prison Memorial stands out with a stylized fist symbol, expressing hatred and determination to fight foreign invaders. Coming to the Phu Quoc prison memorial, you can light incense and flowers to pay tribute to the sacrifices of the soldiers to bring about the peaceful life we have today.

Experience you need to know when visiting Phu Quoc prison

Please pocket for yourself the Phu Quoc travel experiences you need to know when visiting Phu Quoc prison!

  1. Phu Quoc prison historical site is a very solemn and solemn place. Therefore, you need to wear polite clothes, avoid wearing offensive clothes that will affect people and make you unnatural in moving.
  2. Do not arbitrarily touch or affect exhibits and related items in the prison.
  3. You can bring food and drinks, but after use, you need to throw trash in the right place so as not to affect the general hygiene of the historical site.
  4. Phu Quoc Prison Complex has a gift shop and a snack shop. If you want to buy something as a gift or buy food, you can come here.
  5. It will take about 1 – 2 hours for you to visit and fully understand Phu Quoc prison.


When traveling to Phu Quoc, in addition to discovering many beautiful beaches, traveling to visit and learn about the nation’s history at Phu Quoc prison is an experience.

Where to stay in Phu Quoc Prison?

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