Tet is coming and spring is coming, which is the time when many people choose Phu Quoc as a spring vacation destination for themselves and their families. After days of hard work. Besides vibrant entertainment areas for young people. There are 3 temples in Phu Quoc suitable for families and the elderly who want to go on pilgrimage for Tet 2024. The special thing is that they have extremely wonderful architecture and are famous for being the most “sacred”.

Traveling to Phu Quoc, in addition to checking in with beautiful scenery and enjoying delicious food, don’t forget to visit Phu Quoc temples – sacred sightseeing places imbued with the spirit of Buddhism. The top 5 temples worth visiting on the pearl island are places to visit the peaceful, tranquil landscape and pray for luck and peace.

  1. Ho Quoc Pagoda

Ho Quoc Pagoda is located in Suoi Lon hamlet, Duong To, Phu Quoc. Also known by the majestic name “Ho Quoc Truc Lam Zen Monastery”. This majestic, majestic and beautiful temple belongs to a spiritual tourism project of over 110 hectares. It is a temple that serves both the religious and belief activities of the islanders and the pilgrimage needs of tourists from all over.

This temple in Phu Quoc is famous for its sacredness and attracts attention with its unique architecture. Not at all similar to any other bamboo forest Zen monastery in the country. Specifically, the pagoda is made entirely of precious ironwood, so you will see that the pagoda’s height will be lower. The main side of the pagoda faces the large beach. With clouds and sky blending together. So pilgrims come to the temple even though it is crowded during the 2024 Tet holiday. There will still be a feeling of peace and relaxation. Thanks to the cool, majestic location between the mountains. You can take spring photos at the main yard of the temple. Or take a photo in front of a Buddha statue carved from exquisite monolithic jade.

  1. Hung Quoc Tu Pagoda

The second temple in Phu Quoc is famous for its sacredness and many tourists choose to make pilgrimages during Tet. It is Hung Quoc Tu. Located in neighborhood 4 Nguyen Trung Truc street, Duong Dong town, Phu Quoc district. Make an impression on visitors with a solemn pagoda imbued with Vietnamese Buddhist architecture. This more than 60-year-old temple has an extremely eye-catching main color with beautiful green-yellow tones. Suitable for you to worship and take souvenir photos. On Lunar New Year, Hung Quoc Tu pagoda is always crowded with tourists from all over coming to visit Buddha to pray for peace and prosperity.

  1. Ba Pagoda is famous and sacred in Phu Quoc

Tourists should not forget to visit Ba Phu Quoc Pagoda – a famous sacred temple to pray for peace and luck. This place also preserves legends related to the goddess Thuy Long Thanh Mau. This Phu Quoc Pagoda stands out with its ancient church architecture. The pagoda is roofed with red tiles, the gates, columns, and pillars are carved with magnificent and beautiful dragon and phoenix shapes.

  1. Dinh Cau Pagoda Phu Quoc

Dinh Cau Phu Quoc is the most famous spiritual destination on the pearl island. Dinh Cau is nestled under the canopy of an ancient tree over a hundred years old, on a uniquely shaped rock rapid, facing the deep blue sea. This is the place to worship Lord Ngoc Nuong and the two Uncles (Mr. Tai and Mr. Quy) – the gods protecting fishermen.

From Phu Quoc night market, visitors follow Nguyen Dinh Chieu street, then turn left onto Nguyen Trung Truc street. From here, you go straight about 250m to get there.

  1. Sung Hung Pagoda

Finally, a temple in Phu Quoc that many tourists must visit when going to Phu Quoc during the Lunar New Year. It is the name Sung Hung Co Tu or Sung Hung Pagoda. The pagoda is located right on Tran Hung Dao street, Duong Dong town and is the oldest pagoda on the pearl island. Bringing bold Vietnamese pagoda architectural style with rustic and simple features but no less magnificent and magnificent. Besides the place of worship of many visitors. The pagoda is also famous for its sacredness thanks to many valuable artifacts. For example, the couplets painted with red steel and gold, Dai Hong Chung, paintings of the sutra-retrieving journey of teacher and student Duong Huyen Trang…

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Phu Quoc Pagoda – the top spiritual tourist destination on the pearl island is a place you cannot miss when traveling to Phu Quoc. Coming to these 5 famous sacred temples at the beginning of 2024, in addition to sightseeing and listening to thrilling anecdotes and stories, you can also pray for peace and luck for yourself and your family.


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