Sim Bar Beach Resort Phu Quoc Anja Airy Open Space

Sim Bar is located within the Phu Quoc Anja Beach Resort campus, possessing an airy open space where you can enjoy the fresh air of the sea and shimmering moonlight. Sim Bar’s design has a modern style but still retains its charm and closeness to nature. Comfortable sofas, luxurious wooden tables and soft lighting create an ideal space to relax and enjoy the evening.

Beach Resort Phu Quoc

When night falls, Sim Bar Beach Resort Phu Quoc becomes a brilliant picture with shimmering lights reflecting on the sea surface. Melodious music, from gentle jazz to vibrant melodies, blends with the murmuring ocean waves, creating an enchanting atmosphere. This is where you can immerse yourself in a romantic space, forget daily worries and enjoy the most wonderful moments of life.

Sim Bar Beach Resort Phu Quoc Anja Talented Bartender Team

One of the factors that make Sim Bar attractive is its team of talented and enthusiastic bartenders. The bartenders here not only have excellent skills but also possess unlimited creativity, always exploring and testing new recipes to bring you the most unique and sophisticated cocktails. You can request traditional drinks or challenge the bartenders with your own new ideas. No matter the type of drink, each cocktail at Sim Bar is a work of art, beautifully decorated and with a unique flavor. From classic cocktails like Martini, Margarita to new creations like Sim Special or Anja Delight, each type brings you a different and exciting enjoyment experience.

Beach Resort Phu Quoc

Sim Bar Beach Resort Phu Quoc Anja Uniquely Mixed Drinks

Sim Bar Beach Resort Phu Quoc is famous for its uniquely prepared drinks, bearing its own imprint. Extensive drinks menu with a variety of cocktails, mocktails, imported wines and beers, guaranteed to satisfy all tastes. Sim Bar’s signature cocktails are not only delicious but also presented extremely eye-catching, stimulating both sight and taste.

In particular, you cannot miss the specialty drinks only available at Beach Resort Phu Quoc such as:

Sim Passion: A perfect combination of Phu Quoc myrtle wine, lemon juice and a little honey, bringing a sweet, refreshing and seductive flavor.
Anja Delight: A blend of rum, pineapple juice and coconut, creating a tropical, delicious and refreshing cocktail.
Tropical Breeze: A refreshing cocktail with flavors of tropical fruits such as mango, pineapple and orange, delicately mixed and balanced.

Sim Bar Beach Resort Phu Quoc Anja A New Journey of Discovery

Every night at Sim Bar is a new journey of discovery, taking you from one surprise to another. From lively music performances with talented artists, to unique and colorful theme parties, Sim Bar always knows how to innovate to bring visitors interesting and difficult experiences. forget. You can start the evening with a cocktail at the bar, chatting with friends or making new friends. After that, immerse yourself in the music space, enjoy the melodious melodies and feel the vibrant rhythm of Phu Quoc night. Don’t forget to try the entertaining games at the bar, or participate in fun activities organized regularly to add more fun to your evening.

Beach Resort Phu Quoc Anja, with Sim Bar as a special highlight, gives visitors a wonderful and unforgettable nightlife experience. With airy open space, a team of talented bartenders and uniquely prepared drinks, every night at Sim Bar is a new journey of discovery. Come and feel the vibrant life of Phu Quoc, so that every night at Sim Bar becomes beautiful and memorable memories in your heart.

Group 2, Cua Lap Hamlet, Duong To Commune, Phu Quoc City
(+84) 297 626 49 49 – (+84) 983 63 50 54
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