When you think of a dream vacation, you often imagine an ideal place, where you can get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, to immerse yourself in the serenity of nature. Phu Quoc Amazing Villa Beach Step Resort is one of those perfect destinations, where every little corner is taken care of to bring you a wonderful and memorable experience.

Resort Phu Quoc Ideal Location

Amazing Villa Beach Step is located in Phu Quoc, one of Vietnam’s most beautiful islands, famous for its fine white sand beach, clear blue sea water and wild, majestic nature. The location of this villa not only gives you beautiful sea views but is also close to famous attractions, helping you easily discover all the beauty of the pearl island of Phu Quoc.

Resort Phu Quoc

Resort Phu Quoc has Luxurious and Comfortable Design

From the moment you step into Amazing Villa Beach Steps, you will immediately be attracted by its luxurious yet cozy design. Villa is built in a modern style, with exquisite details and high-quality materials, bringing maximum comfort to visitors. The rooms are spacious and airy with large windows facing the sea, allowing you to see the beautiful scenery right from your bed.

Resort Phu Quoc Natural Living Space

One of the highlights of Amazing Villa Beach Step is the living space in harmony with nature. From the lush green garden with coconut trees swaying in the wind, to the infinity pool area facing the sea, everything is harmoniously arranged so you can maximize the surrounding natural beauty. You can spend peaceful mornings walking on the smooth white sand, watching the brilliant sunrise, or immersing yourself in the cool, clear blue sea water. Resort Phu Quoc

Resort Phu Quoc

Great Resort Experience

At Amazing Villa Beach Step, you will experience a perfect vacation with all high-end amenities. The Villa is fully equipped with modern equipment such as flat screen TV, high-end sound system, high-speed wifi, and even a separate kitchen area for those who love to cook. You can also relax with professional spa and massage services right at the villa, helping to dispel all fatigue and stress. Resort Phu Quoc

Resort Phu Quoc Dedicated Customer Care Service

The staff at Amazing Villa Beach Step is always ready to serve you with dedication and professionalism. From assistance with booking tours to airport shuttle services, all your needs are met quickly and thoughtfully. Not simply providing services, the staff here also want to bring you memorable and meaningful experiences.

Resort Phu Quoc

Resort Phu Quoc Discover Unique Cuisine

An indispensable part of your vacation is a unique culinary experience. At Amazing Villa Beach Step, you will enjoy fresh, delicious dishes from local seafood. The villa’s restaurant serves a variety of dishes from Asian to European, ensuring to satisfy the tastes of all visitors. In particular, you can enjoy a romantic dinner right on the beach, under sparkling candlelight and the sound of whispering ocean waves.

Recreational and Relaxation Activities

Your stay at Amazing Villa Beach Step is not only a time of rest but also an opportunity to participate in many exciting activities. From water sports like scuba diving, kayaking, to outdoor BBQ parties, every moment here is designed to bring fun and excitement to you and your family. You can also participate in morning yoga sessions, which help keep your mind and body balanced and refreshed.

Resort Phu Quoc

Amazing Villa Beach Steps at Resort Phu Quoc is an experience living in the midst of beautiful nature. With an ideal location, luxurious design, dedicated service and many exciting activities, this is truly the perfect beach house for your dream vacation. Come and enjoy memorable moments here, so that your soul is relaxed and full of energy amid the poetic natural scenery of Phu Quoc.

Group 2, Cua Lap Hamlet, Duong To Commune, Phu Quoc City
(+84) 297 626 49 49 – (+84) 983 63 50 54
Booking:  Anja Beach Resort & Spa
Tiktok:  anjaphuquoc
Instagram: anjaresortphuquoc
Website:  https://vi.anjaresort.com/
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