Beach Resort Phu Quoc Anja Near Phu Quoc Night Market

Phu Quoc Night Market is one of the destinations not to be missed when you stay at Beach Resort Phu Quoc Anja. Located in the center of Duong Dong town, the night market is not only a place to shop and enjoy cuisine but also a place where you can experience the culture and vibrant nightlife of local people.

Phu Quoc Night Market is famous for fresh seafood specialties such as grilled seafood, steamed crabs, lobsters, and many types of sea snails. Besides, you can also enjoy street foods such as grilled rice paper, spring rolls, and cool sweet soup. In addition to food, the night market is also where you can shop for handicraft products, souvenirs, and Phu Quoc specialties such as fish sauce, pepper, and myrtle wine.

An evening strolling around the night market, enjoying delicious food, immersing yourself in the vibrant and bustling atmosphere will be an unforgettable/

Beach Resort Phu Quoc

Beach Resort Phu Quoc Anja is near Phu Quoc National Park

Phu Quoc National Park is one of the most famous and attractive destinations on the island, where you can explore its wild beauty and rich ecosystem. Just a short drive from Phu Quoc Anja Beach Resort, the national park is an ideal place for those who love nature and want to learn about diverse flora and fauna. Phu Quoc National Park has a large area, including primeval forests, mountains and streams and waterfalls. This is home to many rare animal species and diverse flora. You can participate in eco-tours, hiking, climbing and sightseeing. In particular, Tranh stream, Da Ban stream and Da Ngon stream are attractive destinations in the park, where you can bathe in the stream, watch the waterfall and relax in nature.

Whether you are an adventure lover or simply want to enjoy the peace of nature, Phu Quoc National Park has activities to suit. Prepare your climbing shoes, drinking water and camera to begin your journey to explore the wild and magical beauty of the park.

Beach Resort Phu Quoc

Beach Resort Phu Quoc Anja near Ong Lang Beach

Ong Lang Beach, just a short walk from Phu Quoc Anja Beach Resort, is one of the most beautiful and quiet beaches on the island. With fine white sand, clear blue sea water and peaceful space, Ong Lang beach is the ideal place for you to relax and enjoy the beauty of the sea.Beach Resort Phu Quoc Anja

At Ong Lang beach, you can swim, sunbathe and participate in fun beach activities such as kayaking and scuba diving to see coral. The quiet and fresh space of this beach will help you relieve stress and enjoy wonderful moments of relaxation.

One of the unmissable experiences at Ong Lang beach is watching the sunset. When the sun sets into the sea, the whole sky is dyed a brilliant orange-red color, creating a romantic and poetic scene. This will be a memorable moment during your trip to Phu Quoc.

Beach Resort Phu Quoc

Beach Resort Phu Quoc Anja near Ganh Dau

Ganh Dau is a peaceful fishing village located in the north of Phu Quoc island, about 30 km from Phu Quoc Anja Beach Resort. This is where you can explore the daily life of local fishermen and enjoy fresh seafood dishes. Beach Resort Phu Quoc Anja

Explore the Fishing Village: At Ganh Dau, you can visit the fishing village, watch fishermen catch seafood and learn about their lives. You can also buy fresh seafood from fishermen and enjoy it right at coastal restaurants. Seafood in Ganh Dau is always fresh and affordable.

Visit Ganh Dau Cape: Ganh Dau Cape, located at the northern tip of the island, is an attractive tourist destination with pristine natural landscapes and vast sea views. From here, you can see Thay Boi island and the whole Cambodian sea. This is the ideal place to take photos and admire the scenery.

Beach Resort Phu Quoc Anja near Ham Ninh

Ham Ninh is an ancient fishing village located in the east of Phu Quoc island, about 20 km from Phu Quoc Anja Beach Resort. Ham Ninh fishing village is famous for its wild beauty and fresh seafood dishes, especially Ham Ninh crab. Ham Ninh crab is a specialty dish that you cannot miss when coming here. Fresh crabs are processed into many delicious dishes such as steamed crabs, salt-roasted crabs, and grilled crabs. In addition to crabs, Ham Ninh also has many other types of seafood such as shrimp, squid, and sea snails, always ready to please diners. Ham Ninh wharf is an interesting place to visit, where you can enjoy a panoramic view. fishing village and the sea. At low tide, the vast sandy beach is exposed, creating a beautiful scene. This is also the ideal place for you to take photos and enjoy the fresh sea air.

Beach Resort Phu Quoc Anja is the ideal starting point for journeys to explore famous tourist destinations around. From the vibrant Phu Quoc night market, the pristine national park, the peaceful Ong Lang beach, to the fishing villages of Ganh Dau and Ham Ninh, each location brings you unique and exciting experiences. Let Anja be the starting point for your wonderful journey in Phu Quoc, so that every moment becomes beautiful and memorable memories.


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