In recent years, enjoying afternoon tea party has gradually become no longer strange to Vietnamese youth. In a peaceful and poetic space by the beach, Anja Beach Resort & Spa Phu Quoc opens a special, unforgettable experience with a leisurely afternoon tea party. This is an opportunity to immerse yourself in the wonderful scenery of the sea and enjoy exquisite cups of tea.

Discover relaxation at Anja Beach Resort

An afternoon at Anja Beach Resort & Spa Phua Quoc is a moment to look forward to, where you can enjoy the peace and natural beauty. From the moment you step into the resort, you will be fascinated by the fresh space and relaxing feeling that this place brings. The blue sea, smooth white sand and surrounding the resort is a separate green garden creating the perfect picture for your vacation.

In the list of experiences at Anja Beach Resort, the afternoon tea party is one of the most special and relaxing activities. Every afternoon, visitors are invited to participate in an afternoon tea party in a luxurious and comfortable space. This is an opportunity to relax, connect with family and friends, and enjoy unique flavors and experiences.

Luxurious and comfortable space at afternoon tea party

At Anja Beach Resort, afternoon tea is arranged with meticulousness and attention to detail. Our dedicated staff is always ready to serve, ensuring that every detail is perfect. From the tea table, magnificent and delicate, carefully arranged with the delicacy of fresh flowers, to each flower specially selected to honor the freshness and nobility of the ceremony. party. Plates containing cakes and other foods are also meticulously arranged to create an attractive feast, not only in taste but also in aesthetics.

The afternoon tea party space at Anja Beach Resort is designed to be extremely luxurious and comfortable. Every detail from the seating arrangement to the quality of decorative lighting and furniture is carefully taken care of. Special private sitting areas are designed to provide relaxation and privacy for each group of guests, while making the most of the stunning ocean views.

Gentle music, like a concert, creates a warm and enjoyable atmosphere at the party. The gentle sound of ocean waves, like a natural symphony, puts you in a state of maximum relaxation. This space is truly a place to enjoy life and quality time with the people you love.

Special taste at afternoon tea party

Careful consideration is given to the selection of each type of tea, from fresh green tea to rich black tea, each cup of tea carries a unique flavor story. The scent of tea spreads in the space, making you fascinated at first sight.

Afternoon tea party is not simply about enjoying tea, but also a special flavor journey. Pastries and jams are created with dedication and creativity by the resort’s talented chef. The bright, soft and attractive pastries make them irresistible. Delicious jars of jam with natural flavor and moderate sweetness are also an indispensable highlight of the party.

Every ingredient used in the afternoon tea is selected with superior skill and in-house, to ensure that the optimal flavor and freshness of the dish is preserved. A team of talented chefs always put quality and flavor first, to bring you an unlimited culinary experience during the afternoon tea party at Anja Beach Resort.

Simbar – new colorful venue at Anja Beach Resort

A place for you to immerse yourself in the sweetest things, suitable for intimate meetings, relax with light, fun stories and enjoy the peaceful scenery and attentive, thoughtful service. Simbar is the perfect place for visitors to enjoy panoramic views of the resort, swimming pool and ocean.

Anja Beach Resort serves desserts and drinks every day. You can relax and enjoy our famous afternoon tea. In the evening, enjoy bubble teas and creative cocktails while admiring sunset views over our infinity pool and ocean, or grab a few after-dinner snacks to close out A full day of experience.

Afternoon tea party at Anja Beach Resort & Spa Phu Quoc is not only an interesting activity but also an opportunity to enjoy the natural beauty of this place. Take time to relax, connect with family and friends, and enjoy the unique flavors and experiences this resort has to offer. This is truly an experience not to be missed when you visit Anja Beach Resort.

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